Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A recording for Duckworth's piano concerto?

When composer William Duckworth died in September 2012, he left behind a piano concerto, BIG PIANO, a seven movement, 24-minute piano concerto composed for pianist Bruce Brubaker.

Duckworth was one of my favorite composers and I took his death hard. Over the years since discovering him on a recording by the Cleveland Chamber Orchestra, I had tracked down much of his music, often buying a CD that had just one of his works. And lately, I've begun to wonder: Whatever happened to BIG PIANO? Is there going to be a recording?

I Tweeted Brubaker, "Any chance there will be a recording of Duckworth's 'Big Piano'?" He replied, "Yes, definitely."

I haven't pressed for more details -- I'll wait for his announcement -- but it sounds like he is working on some good news.

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