Monday, April 2, 2012

Andy Lee hopes you get the joke now

My wife and I were driving home silently Sunday after doing some shopping when I suddenly exclaimed, "It's an April Fool's joke!"

Earlier Sunday, I had been surprised by pianist R. Andrew Lee's Twitter announcement, "I am pleased to announce that this summer, with @Hedgehogmusic, I'll be recording all three of the Boulez sonatas!"

Wow, I thought, maybe I hadn't given Boulez his due. I always thought Andy and I liked the same stuff -- I discovered him on the Internet years ago because of his interest in William Duckworth's "The Time Curve Preludes" -- so I was startled that he was recording music I loathed Then again, people change, and I've been listening to more twelve-tone music lately (my "tutor" on this has been Boom) so maybe Andy was evolving in his tastes, too ...  Not that I've suddenly acquired a taste for Boulez, I brooded.

Then it suddenly dawned on me that Sunday was April 1.

On Monday, Mr. Lee fessed up. "Just to be clear, I've no intention of recording the Boulez Sonatas. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up. #AprilFools"

The decidedly minimalist and postminimalist Lee now says, " I realized shortly after that tweet that you'd have to know what I do for that to be funny ... My wife always gets on me for my sarcasm being too subtle. I suppose that goes for all my humor. :)"

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