Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Higdon in the L.A. Times

Jennifer Higdon is interviewed for a piece in the Los Angeles Times. The piece by Kevin Berger is a nice look at her approach to composing, and kudos to the Times for being honest and admitting that the paper's regular critic, Mark Swed, is a dedicated Higdon-hater.

One nitpick though. The piece says that "Today Higdon is the rare composer whose livelihood flows entirely from royalties and commissions" then says a few words later, "She teaches composition at the Curtis Institute of Music." Don't these two statements contradict each other? Which raises a question -- how many composers actually do live off of their composing, without having to take a faculty job somewhere?

I like  Higdon rather better than Swed does. My old interview with Jennifer Higdon is here.

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